Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Manly Volleyball Champions

Ausnahmsweise geht es nicht um unseren Mio, sondern um die Mama und ihr Volleyball Team.
Bei unserem Weihnachtsturnier hatten wir so viel Spass und sorgten fur viel Aufmerksamkeit mit den lustigen Nikolaus Kostümen 

Team Jenny, Jimmy, Jenny und Ameer
Das kann schon mal für Verwirrung sorgen 

Mio's Year im Kindergarten

Ich habe zwar nicht die passenden Bilder zu diesem Bericht seiner Kindergärtnerin, aber wir sind sehr stolz das unser kleiner Prinz sein erstes Jahr in fremder Obhut so gut gemeistert hat.

What a fabulous year Mio has had. It has been a year filled with laughter, love and learning. We have had such a great time with Mio and have enjoyed watching him blossom into a social, kind hearted, funny and inquisitive boy.

Mio is happiest when he is outdoors. He loves hanging out in the sandpit. His favourite thing to do is to play with the trucks and diggers, pushing them along and making tracks in the sand. He enjoys when water is added and he can make large hills for the tracks to go over. Milo also likes to cook in the play kitchen. We see him mixing, scooping and pouring sand from bucket to cup to plate. The addition of little spoons and cups has seen Mio delight in feeding the dolls a delicious concoction of sand and sticks that he prepares with great care. Mio enjoys both paying on his own and with others. He is alway happy to share his space with others and has begun to initiate play and involve children in his games. These friendships he is forming will continue to grow in the Possum room next year. 

Mio has a love of reading. He enjoys all different types of books and can often be seen sitting on a chair with a great big pile next to him. He read one at a time, carefully turning one page at a time and pointing at pictures he sees. When we do our story times Mio enjoys joining in. He is able to contribute confidently when asked a question about the story and loves anything with the suspense of a flap or books about animals or anything related to transport. 

Mio is becoming interested in craft and has taken  liking to collage. He loves to use the glue stick and delights in taking the lid on and off and rolling it up with his fingers. Milo is always very keen to join in our craft activities. Play dough is another area of interest for Mio. He has been practicing to use the rolling pin to roll out large lumps of play dough into lovely flat circles for him to use the cookie cutters. He gets so much joy to of pulling the cutter off and discovering the shape left underneath. Its magical to him. 

Music and movement are another area of joy. Milo is a so enthusiastic when we sig and he especially loves songs that involve actions or our puppets. We have been using the guitar and shakers during some of our group times and when Mio spots the guitar he excitedly runs to the mat and dos his happy little wiggle dance. 

In the outdoors Mio is confident exploring and climbing. He has become a huge fan of the castle and slide and climbs up, down and all over. He loves to yell out when he has made it to the top so we can cheer for him. The obstacle course is something that Mip has been practicing a lot too. His is building confidence in balancing and walking across the balance beam and jumping off onto the crash mat. Milo also loves jumping along our stepping stones and being a frog. He likes to create his own paths and sharing these with his friends. 

Mio has been building with our construction activities too. Large outdoor blocks, Lego and our small and large wooden blocks. Milo is able to make tall towers consisting of many carefully balanced bricks and can assemble multi level structures with the lego. He manipulates the smaller blocks well and especially enjoys building roads to drive the cars and trucks around adding ramps and tunnels. 

 It has been an absolute pleasure having Mio in the Bilby room. We will miss him! We wish Mio all the very best on his next adventure in to the Possum room.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Unser Mio Inkognito im Kindergarten + Snapshots

Versteckt unter seinen grauen Hut im Kindergarten.
Dies ist was die Kindergärtnerin über die Jungs sagt:

Building towers

On Friday the 4th of November I saw Harumi sitting on the block mat encouraging Toby, Ted and Jeremy to build something with the blocks.
Harumi began to place the flat blocks on top of another as an example for the kids, then Jeremy, Toby and Ted began to build their own tower.
The three boys used the square blocks, placing them all with the wholes to the top, using both hands to align them. 
Mio had a look of what they were doing and decided to collaborate placing few blocks and sharing with Toby.
Then they children started to put the flat blocks inside the squares wholes, working together to find the best way to do it. 
The tower fell off few times but the boys rebuild it again and again.
Ted, Mio and Jeremy moved to another activity leaving Toby very involve in his building.
Suddenly Toby started to pack away the blocks, graving few at a time and taking them back to the shelve, when I asked Toby why he was packing away he said "I finish!" and kept going with his job.
I said "good job Toby, great packing away!" and Toby looked at me with a big smile to then run to his friends and keep going with another activity.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Bachelor - Copy + Paste

Hallo meine Lieben,
Heute gibt es ausnahmsweise mal keine Mio Bilder zu bestaunen sondern meine Schnappschüsse von unserem Fernseher.
Hier gibt es eine Fernsehsendung die sich der Bachelor nennt, ganz furchtbarer Kitsch bei dem sich ein junger Mann aus 40 Damen die Herzdame aussucht.
Nur aus Zufall haben Ivo und ich gestern das Finale gesehen und sind aus dem Staunen nicht mehr heraus gekommen.
Nicht nur wurden einige Szenen in unserer Hochzeitsvilla gedreht, nein der Bachelor trug auch noch Ivos Anzug.
Sogar das schöne Profil Schatten Foto haben sie kopiert.
Da hat wohl jemand unsere Hochzeitsbilder gesehen und für so schön gefunden das sie gleich nachgestellt wurde.
Seht selbst

Bachelor 2016

Jenny + Ivo in Bali

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mio reads a story und sein erstes 'Zeugnis'

Mehr Geschichten und Bilder aus dem Kindergarten, die Kindergärtnerin hat sie
Mio reads a story genannt

Mio came to me and grabbed onto my hand. He had a book in his hand and was steering me in the direction of the couch. We both sat down and Mio began to open the book. He pointed to Spot and looked at me.."That's Spot the Dog!" I said. He looked down and laughed. Mio began carefully turning the pages. He was ensuring he only opened to the next page and didn't have pages stuck together. The next page had a flap. He pointed to the flap and wiggled excitedly from side to side. A little Mio happy dance. "What could be under there?" I asked. He opened up the page and was faced with Pigs. He looked up at me with big wide eyes and then began to make little oinking noises. Once again, Mio slowly turned the page and saw another flap. He pointed to it and smiled at me again. "Oh my goodness! What could it be....?" I said. Again he laughed and did his little happy dance. It was a Duck!. He said "Oh" and pointed to it. "It's a Duck..Quick, Quack!" I told him. He laughed and  mouthed the sound "Quack".
Mio continued to finish the book and when he was done he handed it to me. Mio stood up and turned around, walked back and sat himself down on my lap. We read the book together and Mio opened all the flaps and had made all the animal sounds.
Mio felt completely comfortable asking me to read the story. Although he didn't use the word, his actions were clear. The excitement in Mio's face when the flap was about to be opened was priceless. The suspense! Mio was able to build the suspense himself too by waiting to open the flap.
Mio was really focused on page turning. He would bring the book right up close to his face to make sure that he only opened up to the next page.
Und da die Beschreibung der Kindergärtnerin so zutreffend ist, möchte ich euch Mios erstes Zeugnis nicht vorenthalten:

Mio has only been with us for a short time, however in this time he has grown and developed in all aspects...
Mio settled very quickly into our room. Although he hadn't  been with us from the start it felt like he had been. He is so easy going, kind, considerate and enthusiastic about everything that je does. He is an absolute  joy to be around.
It seems that Mio is at his happiest in the outdoor environment. In particular, the sandpit. Mio can often be seen digging and pouring sand into different sixed containers. He often lines hem up like a train and pours sand from one end to the other. Mio also likes to take little handfuls of sand and throw them in the air. We call this his pixie dust. Mio has been interested in our waterwheels that we have in the sandpit. He slowly pours the sand in he top and gets down really low to watch is spin the wheel on it's way down.  When another child comes over, Mio with show them, pointing to the spinning wheel with a huge smile on his face. I have noticed that he is quite into our garden. He will often run his hands along the different textured plants and place his hands down in the dirt. This is a sensory wonderland that Mio will spend long periods of time exploring.
Mio LOVES to dance. He has some moves too. He expresses such joy when the music is playing and he can groove along to it. We have been doing lots of music and movement with the group and Mio is always first on the mat when he notices us take the musical instruments down from the shelf.
Reading is also something Mio enjoys. Mio likes to read on your lap, on his own, in a group and with a friend. He especially loves animal books and books with flaps and sensory aspects to the pages. Mio will point to the animals and make their sound. He has such wonderful expression. He is able to turn one page at a time and will take great care when doing this. He is slow and purposeful.
Mio is quite adventurous on the obstacle course and loves climbing on the bridge. We encourage the children to wait their turn while others are going across.. Mio is very considerate in this area and will patiently wait his turn. On his feet, Mio is very confident. He is able to navigate the play space and has good spatial awareness.

It has been such a pleasure having Mio in our room. We have seen him blossom and grow in all areas of his development. We look forward to nurturing and supporting Mio in the future. 

Family Snapshots

Ein seltener Anblick, alle drei Roßbachs auf einem Bild
Family Snapshots sagt eigentlich schon genug
Hier noch einmal ein paar Highlights vom Chiemsee

So tolle Einkaufswagen gibt es in Australien nicht, hier macht das Einkaufen Freude 

Ein feuchtes Wasserburg mit Ivo's Schulfreunden Max und Conny
Unser Stammlokal Hirzinger mit Tante Claudia und Klaus

Das erste und einzige Mal im See, dieser Juni war sehr sparsam it seinen Sonnenstunden

Letzter Tag, 30 Grad in München Englischer Garten mit Bupa (Opas Spitzname), Britta und Seifenblasenmann

Schone Erinnerung an meine Ausritte über die Chiemgau Felder

Und da war dann ja auch der Regen und Regen und Regen

Bye Bye Munich

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Spass am Chiemsee

Endlich sind wir alle zusammen auf dem Bauernhof und Mio findet es ganz grase Klasse!
Kuehe, Pferde, Katzen und das allerbeste sind die Traktoren und Bagger in verschiedenen Größen und Ausführungen. 
UND natürlich die viele Aufmerksamkeit die er von allen Seiten bekommt. Er ist schliesslich der Star unseres Deutschland Aufenthalts.

Brrrr und Kikeriki auf einen Bild
Und Cousine Amy und Mio auf einem Bild

Bootsfahrt mit der Gehbauer Gang
Christoph steuert uns sicher durch den aufziehenden Sturm
Und Fussball Abend mit den Kleinen
Wir feuern die Deutsche Mannschaft in der EM an
Und sie Gewinnen!

Die Uroma mit ihren Urenkeln
Euer Größter Fan