Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mio reads a story und sein erstes 'Zeugnis'

Mehr Geschichten und Bilder aus dem Kindergarten, die Kindergärtnerin hat sie
Mio reads a story genannt

Mio came to me and grabbed onto my hand. He had a book in his hand and was steering me in the direction of the couch. We both sat down and Mio began to open the book. He pointed to Spot and looked at me.."That's Spot the Dog!" I said. He looked down and laughed. Mio began carefully turning the pages. He was ensuring he only opened to the next page and didn't have pages stuck together. The next page had a flap. He pointed to the flap and wiggled excitedly from side to side. A little Mio happy dance. "What could be under there?" I asked. He opened up the page and was faced with Pigs. He looked up at me with big wide eyes and then began to make little oinking noises. Once again, Mio slowly turned the page and saw another flap. He pointed to it and smiled at me again. "Oh my goodness! What could it be....?" I said. Again he laughed and did his little happy dance. It was a Duck!. He said "Oh" and pointed to it. "It's a Duck..Quick, Quack!" I told him. He laughed and  mouthed the sound "Quack".
Mio continued to finish the book and when he was done he handed it to me. Mio stood up and turned around, walked back and sat himself down on my lap. We read the book together and Mio opened all the flaps and had made all the animal sounds.
Mio felt completely comfortable asking me to read the story. Although he didn't use the word, his actions were clear. The excitement in Mio's face when the flap was about to be opened was priceless. The suspense! Mio was able to build the suspense himself too by waiting to open the flap.
Mio was really focused on page turning. He would bring the book right up close to his face to make sure that he only opened up to the next page.
Und da die Beschreibung der Kindergärtnerin so zutreffend ist, möchte ich euch Mios erstes Zeugnis nicht vorenthalten:

Mio has only been with us for a short time, however in this time he has grown and developed in all aspects...
Mio settled very quickly into our room. Although he hadn't  been with us from the start it felt like he had been. He is so easy going, kind, considerate and enthusiastic about everything that je does. He is an absolute  joy to be around.
It seems that Mio is at his happiest in the outdoor environment. In particular, the sandpit. Mio can often be seen digging and pouring sand into different sixed containers. He often lines hem up like a train and pours sand from one end to the other. Mio also likes to take little handfuls of sand and throw them in the air. We call this his pixie dust. Mio has been interested in our waterwheels that we have in the sandpit. He slowly pours the sand in he top and gets down really low to watch is spin the wheel on it's way down.  When another child comes over, Mio with show them, pointing to the spinning wheel with a huge smile on his face. I have noticed that he is quite into our garden. He will often run his hands along the different textured plants and place his hands down in the dirt. This is a sensory wonderland that Mio will spend long periods of time exploring.
Mio LOVES to dance. He has some moves too. He expresses such joy when the music is playing and he can groove along to it. We have been doing lots of music and movement with the group and Mio is always first on the mat when he notices us take the musical instruments down from the shelf.
Reading is also something Mio enjoys. Mio likes to read on your lap, on his own, in a group and with a friend. He especially loves animal books and books with flaps and sensory aspects to the pages. Mio will point to the animals and make their sound. He has such wonderful expression. He is able to turn one page at a time and will take great care when doing this. He is slow and purposeful.
Mio is quite adventurous on the obstacle course and loves climbing on the bridge. We encourage the children to wait their turn while others are going across.. Mio is very considerate in this area and will patiently wait his turn. On his feet, Mio is very confident. He is able to navigate the play space and has good spatial awareness.

It has been such a pleasure having Mio in our room. We have seen him blossom and grow in all areas of his development. We look forward to nurturing and supporting Mio in the future. 

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