Thursday, August 24, 2017

Mio der Künstler - Im Kindergarten

Hallo ihre Lieben,Diese Woche habe ich die folgende kleine Nachricht aus dem Kindergarten erhalten.Die Kindergärtnerin beschreibt wie unser kleiner Künstler eine Ananas aus Knete anfertigt.Aber lest es am besten selbst....oder erfreut euch einfach an den Bildern

Mio makes a pineapple 

Mio seemed so excited to explore the different resources at the creative table. Mio pointed to the resources available with the playdough and communicated enthusiastically with his educator by asking,"What is that Jyoti?Jyoti named the rolling pin and Mio started to manipulate the rolling pin with his right hand and created a beautiful pattern on the play dough. I scaffolded his imagination and asked Mio,"What are you making, Mio?" He responded happily, "I am making a pineapple." He put some shiny glitter on the pineapple. I said,"This a shiny pine apple." He smiled and said, "This is for daddy." A beautiful smile was detected on Mio's face to represent his creativityMio's language, cognitive and concentration skills were age appropriate for him.This was an associative play experience as Mio was successfully engaged in makingpatterns alongside with his peers. He played parallel and shared the same space.With trust and confidence Mio shared and expressed his imagination with the educator. He used both verbal and non-verbal language ( receptive language-smile, eye contact). Mio appeared to be confident to express what he had made with the dough. He also used his imagination and creativity to decorate the pineapple with glittery shiny pieces.The development theorist Maria Montessori proposed that all children want to learn, in a good learning space, they can take control of their own learning.

Mios Pinapple