Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Es Weihnachted sehr

Frohes Neues Jahr ihr Lieben,

Ich hoffe ihr seid alle gut hineingerutscht.
Das neuste Video wird euch noch einmal in Weihnachtsstimmung versetzen, mit Weihnachtsliedern und Plätzchen.
Um Mios vierter Geburtstag ist natürlich auch dabei.

Weihnachts Drinks mit meinen Kollegen 
Den Tequila habe ich mir allerdings nicht selbst bestellt.

Mios Geburtstags Schatzsuche
Inklusive eines abgebrochenen Schlüssels zur Schatztruhe 
Die müsste dann aufgebrochen werden

Plätzchen backen mit Phipsi und Tina
Die Mandeln zu den Zimtsternen wurden in unsrem Café grinder gemalen, das macht die Plätzchen besonders lecker.

Wiley, Elodie und Mio in Port Macquarie 

Mios Learning Statement im Kindergarten
1.  Children have a strong sense of identity
Throughout the year, Mio has built a strong sense of belonging and is beginning to develop and understanding of himself. These have been many positive experiences in both emotional, social and developmental accepts of his learning. He has developed strong attachments to his educators and peers, especially Finn and Jacob. This has seen Mio begin to shape and build his identity through these evolving relationships. Mio has explored many different roles and identities through imaginative play and has expressed his views and ideas while negotiating these roles with his friends. He contributes to shared play experiences and shows an interest in other children and being part of a group. Mio is able to reach out for comfort, assistance and companionship. Mio can express and articulate a lot of emotions. He is also developing the ability to express his emotions openly as well as his feelings and ideas with his peers. Mio also has the capacity to notice others emotions and displays both respect and awareness of the views and feelings of others.
2.  Children are connected with and contribute to their world
Mio has experienced mutually enjoyable and caring relationships. He has participated in many collaborative experiences and events such as incursions, circle time, cooking and gardening that have laid the foundations for living interdependently. This year we have been engaging in many gardening experiences. We have grown vegetable, herbs and sprouts and this has enabled Mio to see just how much human activity can impact the environment, both positive and negative. It has also created a sense of community when we harvest, cook and share a meal together that he has contributed to. Mio has a natural ability when it comes to cooking. He often talks fondly about his dad's café and seems to find a sense of calm and joy when cooking. Mio has developed a sense of comfort and belonging to the group and this has seen him express matters that affect him. Mio also shows an interest in the items and experiences other children share during news and will ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of his peers. We have celebrated many different cultural celebrations such as the Luna New Year, Harmony Day and St Georges Day. This has seen Mio make connections between himself and his peers and also explore and celebrate differences between people.
3.  Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
Wellbeing incorporates both the physical and psychological aspects. It also correlates with resilience. Mio has demonstrated trust and confidence within social groups and routines of the day and enjoys actively engaging in physical activity. Through both planned and spontaneous experiences, Mio has shown that he can combine gross motor and fine motor movement and balance, and engage in increasingly complex sensory-motor skills and movement patterns through dance, sports and Yoga. Mio enjoys these structured activities and is often front and centre. We most recently played an action game that involved listening to the instruction on a CD and finding a coloured shape to stand on and preforming the action that came next. He was so engaged in this game and worked increasingly well with others to ensure a safe and happy environment. Mio enjoys being a helper during times tidying up and has respect for the resources and environment. When I ask for help to tidy up, Mio is always first to turn up with a big smile on his face. He also shows a great deal of independence in his self care. He can dress and undress himself and also apply his own sunscreen with a little help. Our cooking experiences and meal times throughout the year have provided wonderful opportunities to discuss and learn about the importance of healthy life styles and have seen Mio show increasing independence and competence in personal care and hygiene.
4.  Children are confident and involved learners
Mio displays, and is further developing dispositions for learning that include cooperation, confidence, commitment, imagination and persistence. He is able to follow and extend his own interests and is gaining confidence to lead his own play. Mio has demonstrated an ability to use a wide range of thinking strategies to solve problems and can create amazing worlds and designs when he uses our construction material. Our water play, pouring and colour mixing activities have seen him manipulate objects and equipment and experiment with trail and error, cause and effect and motion. Mio will spend long periods of time engaging in this type of play. He enjoys the little containers, spray bottles and jars with lids containing rice to be poured and spooned from one to another. Mio has been able to experience the benefits and pleasures of shared learning experiences. Through making our own bread, play dough, fruit salad and engaging in water/mud/sand play, Mio has used his senses to explore the world around him. He is definitely not shy of messy play. His favourite combination is sand and water. Mio enjoys construction based activities. When he can combine these with the outdoors and messy play he is extremely content and happy. Mio is also very inclusive when others want to join in. Mio is developing the skills needed to become and involved participant in all areas of his learning
5.  Children are effective communicators
Literacy and numeracy capabilities are important aspects of communication and lead to successful learning across all areas. Mio has been part of a rich program that promotes these aspects through our group times and planned and spontaneous activities and experiences. Mio is able to follow instructions with multiple tasks and responds appropriately to others requests which allow us to see that he not only has the capacity to express, but also to understand and process what is being said. Our cooking and science experiences is one area that has seen Mio engage in conversations where he is developing an increasing understanding of measurement and numbers. Mio is able to use language to communicate his thinking and understanding of quantities, capacity and volume. Mio has engaged with a range of texts this year and we have explored the way texts are structured such as recipes, story books and poems. We have read rhyming stories that have enabled Mio to explore the sounds of language and predict the word or phrase that comes next. Mio has been part of many art/craft experiences this year. He is able to express ideas using a range of media such as clay, painting, recycled sculpture, drawing, dance, music and story-telling. Mio has been able to learn and share techniques that have enhanced his capacity for self-expression and communication.

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