Sunday, November 11, 2018

Mio im Kindy

Seidenwuermer und Bilder

One of the children brought some Silk Worms into show for news. Mio was so fascinated. After the news he asked me to see them again. We sat for a long time and Mio watched them with such wonder.

Later in the day we had an activity where they could make some craft based on the life cycle. We discussed the eggs that hatch and out come the silk worms. Then they make the cocoon and out comes the moth.

Before he started, Mio asked me to see them again. We placed them on the table while he did the activity. Mio asked lots of questions such as "Why are they white?" he also asked "What are all those little black things?" I explained that because they eat lots of leaves, they need to do lots of poo's. Mio though this was quite funny.

He got to work. "I am going to do them all yellow." Mio said as he pointed to his paper. He coloured the pictures in. Every now and again her would look inside the box to see what they were doing. 
Mio then asked for some  help to cut them out. I suggested that he could have a little turn. Mio was a little hesitant to cut. I gently said that I would be here of her needed help. He cut out the moth. Mio then said "Can you do it so I don't cut the,." I think he may have been concerned that he would cut through his picture.

I helped a little and then Mio stuck them on in the order of the life cycle. Mio then asked me to write his name. I again encouraged Mio to write his name. "I can only do some of it." Mio did the I and then handed me the texta. I told him to try the M by doing 'up and down, up and down'. Mio did this and smiled. I then said that the o is just a circle. He also did this. Quite proud, he held up his work. I asked if I could take a photo. "You can." Mio replied

 Getoepfert und Gegaertnert wird auch noch

Mios neuer Haarschnitt, sorgt auch im Kindergarten fuer Gespraechstoff.

On Friday we had a discussion about visiting the hair-dresser. Some children shared their experiences with us and I shared my experience with them.  I introduced children to some of the tools hair-dressers use and children had the opportunity to play hairdressers.  They combed, styled and painted their own or peer`s hair with water and pretended to wash and dry it too.
Everyone will have the opportunity to participate in this experience next week

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